Wallcovering’s Tip

wall10Wallpaper selection is often the first step in a well dressed room. Color plays a pivotal role in this process, as light colors enhance the size, brightness and open feel of a room and can actually make a room appear larger. On the other hand, dark colors promote a closer, more intimate feeling and can bring a large or overly bright room into proportion.

The pattern of a wallpaper has quite an impact as well. Stripes can make an average or less than average heighth room appear taller when applied vertically. Dense large patterns can reduce the gangly heighth of an overly tall room. Wallpapers with a busier or more dense pattern can help tame a textured wall and reveal less of the underlying surface texture.

Todays wallpapers can be an affordable alternative to costly wall treatments such as Venetian plasters and faux painting, they can even replicate fabrics and tapestries. The patterns and colors are limited only by ones’ imagination!

Walls should be structurally sound and free from dirt, mold, mildew and grease. Old wallpapers should be removed if feasible to do so, and if not, special primers made especially for bonding new wallpaper to old, are available and used frequently.

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